Friday, June 09, 2006


This was not long back that I had this crush but he stays just the door opposite mine and so .... it reminds me of my crush almost everyday. He is the "Math" guy, and that impressed me at first. He had gone way ahead in Biology few years back and then suddenly realised he had loved Math in his schooling and so pursued his old love.He has been doing Math for a couple of years now, and he is the best math teacher I have ever meet, also a brilliant Mathematician . He makes Math(one of the worst nightmares for many students) an interesting and easy one.
A cute smile, a considerate heart, a brilliant mind, good mannerisms..what else..could have lead the way for me being crushed. Oh!...I have something more interesting than all those up,........... when he talks he looks right into the eyes..and the look is so deep that you would cease to think anything else(even if you were dying)for that time .
Alas..not a sad ending but.... he is getting married and whenever I open my door and find him, I have to ask how is your fiance and he with his charming smile talks about her.....hmmmmmmmm


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